Fear prints

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It is easy to talk about our goals, visions, and dreams. Both privately and professionally. Sometimes though, it is more productive to discuss and look into our fears. Usually, it is our fears that prevent us from realizing the better version of ourselves and our organizations.

We all have fears, whether we admit it or not. Fears expose themselves in many forms, to mention a few; stress, anxiety, anger, judgments, and hate. Fundamentally, all fears emanate from one root. Death, you may think, but there is something even worse, the fear of ceasing to exist. In fear-based organizations, our fears are constantly triggered as we are not feeling competent, included, or appreciated (loved). Heavy stuff. We all have our unique ‘fear prints’, and so has every team and every organization.

Fear is bad for people, teams, organizations, and our planet. In organizations, fear prevents us from collaborating, speaking our truth, trying new things, and discussing tensions. Basically, all the traits are needed to create a happy, healthy, and high-performing workplace. We need to feel safe.

Beyond the fears, the true potential is revealed.

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