Our why, what and how

Changing the mindset of society – from fear to trust, meaning, and connection – by setting a good example and inspiring people beyond our organization to change. Changing the logic of business, from partition, tension, and stress to the creation of value for all stakeholders, by being role models.

Bringing youthful playfulness and fun into the workplace. Prioritizing personal and professional development, and attracting like-minded talents, by supporting everyone’s intrinsic motivations and values. Outperforming outdated, industrial business models on its own terms (such as profits) while doing things our way.

Completing personal transcendence – from independent to interdependent. And passing it all on to the next generation.


Our members


The Worklife Group Platform

Our vision — An inspiring and meaningful working life for everyone, anywhere.​

Our mission — Aligning human, economic and planetary needs in the working life.​

Who we are — A network of changemakers with dreams that will come true when we fulfill our mutual mission.​

What we do ​— By facilitating synergy between key stakeholders and experts, we develop Performing Workplaces.​


Torbjörns Summer Talk 2022

Yearly, Torbjörn shares his thoughts and experiences in a summer talk. Listen to it by clicking on the button down below.

An inspiring and meaningful working life for everyone, anywhere


We use people and the resources of our planet as consumables. Organizations are struggling to stay relevant. The result is pointless suffering, human potential gone to waste and a trashed planet