An inspiring and meaningful worklife for all

Together with our clients and partners, we create workplaces that promote health, inclusivity, engagement, productivity and resource-effectiveness. We refer to our collective efforts towards sustainability as Performing Workplaces® . We believe this is vitally important because as -worklife improves, not only do people and organisations benefit, but we will transform society at large for the better.

Worklife Group is a platform to start and grow businesses that improve worklife. Each company in the Group specialises in improving an aspect of worklife; an expert in its field and also part of the bigger picture of improving the whole of worklife. Each company is autonomous with its own teams, sub-culture and service lines, whilst collaborating with and supporting the other companies so the group becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Our clients work with as many of our companies as they need, benefiting from both our deep expertise and our holistic integration.

To accelerate change we work as part of a growing, aligned ecosystem of partners, peers, and networks.

Our vision is to create an inspiring and meaningful worklife for all.


Our members


The Worklife Group Platform

Our vision — An inspiring and meaningful working life for everyone, anywhere.​

Our mission — Aligning human, economic and planetary needs in the working life.​

Who we are — A network of changemakers with dreams that will come true when we fulfill our mutual mission.​

What we do ​— By facilitating synergy between key stakeholders and experts, we develop Performing Workplaces.​


Torbjörns Summer Talk 2022

Yearly, Torbjörn shares his thoughts and experiences in a summer talk. Listen to it by clicking on the button down below.

An inspiring and meaningful working life for everyone, anywhere


We use people and the resources of our planet as consumables. Organizations are struggling to stay relevant. The result is pointless suffering, human potential gone to waste and a trashed planet