The money-making machine

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The current logic is straightforward. The primary purpose of a company is to generate a return on investment for its shareholders. Healthy and sound finances are important, but what if there was a better way to reach the desired results? 

Worklife Group believes modern organizations need to apply a consistent and holistic stakeholder approach starting with instructions from the shareholders. The purpose of future organizations should be to create value for all the main stakeholders at a minimum level, including customers, employees, society, partners, and, of course, the shareholders.

Skepticism is respected. But reflect on it for a moment. Where are we heading, and how are our values evolving? What will attract the next generation of talent? What is the right thing to do when it comes to handing over the world to our children? 

Don’t get us wrong on this one. This is not about philanthropy, not at all. This is about finding a way where all stakeholders end up on a higher benefit curve, including the shareholders.  

Corporate awakening is coming.

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