Nowhere to hide

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Robots and advanced AI constantly scan and analyze astronomical amounts of data on the internet, enabling us to get condensed research and form our opinions. Rating systems like Glassdoor and TripAdvisor will be followed by even more sophisticated services supporting our decision-making. This also means everything will get public and, soon, everyone will know everything. 

The consequences for our organizations will be dramatic. Business models will have to be redesigned, and competition will come from all over. All interactions will be registered and impact how our brand is perceived. Customers will already have done their purchases of our products or services long before the transactions occur, and future employees will know more about the true company culture than the recruiter. 

As a result, all corporate drivel will fall flat to the ground. There is no way we will get away with saying one thing and doing another. The punishment from customers and employees becomes ruthless. The only strategy that will work in this increasingly transparent and digital landscape is authenticity and keeping our promises. 

There is nowhere to hide. 

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