Giving and recieving

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To give and to be generous increases the production of neurochemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin stimulating feelings of safety, joy, well-being, and connection. This is of course equally important in our private and professional lives – it’s the same brain we bring to work, isn’t it?

Maybe the most profound giving is the unconditional gifts we give from our hearts; encouragement, affection, knowledge, listening, curiosity, love, forgiveness, and time. These gifts can be totally life-changing for the receiver. And maybe, could the meaning of life simply be to find our own unique set of gifts and then give them away?

But we also need to master the art of receiving. If we can receive gifts from others purely and without feelings of debt, the energy will flow. A positive ripple effect will occur strengthening trust, engagement, and a sense of meaning. Giving itself always multiply and returns many times. This is the kind of workplace we want.

Let’s strive for generous corporate cultures built on a genuine concern for others' happiness, success, and well-being.

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